Monday, May 21, 2012

The Techy Kitchen

Paper, paper, everywhere!

I feel like I could chant that everyday as the kids come home from school, and I look through their backpacks.  Then, I open the mail.  Then someone decides to make a craft!

Paper control is a big part of my cleaning routine.  In order to not make life harder for myself I am trying to go paperless in areas that I haven't before.  Having a smartphone is basically what makes that possible.

 In this app called Taskos, I add what I need to get at the store.  While at the store I just click in the box to check off what I already have in my cart.  I can't even tell you how many times I look at this right before the check-out line, and am reminded of that ONE item, that is the whole reason I was at the store!

You know what else can be saved on your phone?  Coupons can be sent by text to you (so you simply show the text to the cashier rather than print anything), you can show screen shots of prices from a website in order to politely ask a store to match their price (I've done this at a furniture store for big ticket items!  It works!).

There are recipe apps, and ways to store them electronically so you can refer to them again and again.  Not to mention educational games kids can look out while waiting in line at the store!

My husband has always been into technology, and I'm a slow adapter, but in the kitchen I've found it to be SO HELPFUL!

Smartphones are expensive, and not everyone can afford them.  I will mention that we don't have cable TV, landline phone, or any movie service.  We only drive older, paid-for cars.  I'm sure you don't need to know any of that...but when I'm touting an item some consider an expensive luxury I just want to make that disclaimer.  We each have our priorities.

So, how about you?  How have you used technology in your kitchen or cut down on your paper clutter?

This post is a tip for Kitchen Tip Tuesday over at Tammy's Recipes.  Check it out!


  1. I don't have a smartphone yet (my husband does, though, and it IS helpful), but I see how it would be useful. I do finally keep everyone's phone number in my contact list on my cell phone. That in itself has been very helpful. I also love texting because you can look back at the message if you forgot what it said.

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  3. These are great tips in organizing paper clutter in our kitchens. Those people who are dealing with the same concern will surely find these ideas helpful. Thanks for sharing.


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