Friday, May 25, 2012

Treating the sub-floors

To get rid of the mess the previous owner's dog made, we've had to go to the very root of the problem....

which meant removing the flooring and treating the sub-floors.  You may remember reading about the techniques i was going to try in this post. It worked!  That spray bottle I am holding was filled with bleach and water about 1:3 ratio.  It smelled strong of bleach!  I opened all the windows (thankfully there are LOTS!) so there was excellent ventilation and when the bleach solution hit a spot with residual urine you could see it bubbling up and "steaming."  The next day when it was all dry the odor downstairs was WAY different.  Thank goodness.

The bottom stair was a big culprit of the STINK too.  Crazy dog apparently took a liking to marking that step every time he went by it.  So Mr. Warmth removed that carpet and I bleach bombed it too :).  Eventually all the carpet will be removed, and each floor will get the same treatment.  Then when it is good and dry I will paint a thick layer of KILZ (primer) over the subfloor to seal in and make sure there are NO odors.  Then, and only then will we have new carpet put in.  Oh, I can't wait for that day I can sit down, or lay down, or roll around on that clean carpet!

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  1. good tip hope you get new carpet soon


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