Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fast, Easy Dinner

I don't know what to call this recipe.  It's about as basic as a meal comes.  It's not all that healthy, but it's probably better than fast food.  So we could call it that - homemade fast food!  Healthier and just as fast!

1. Cut up potatoes
2. Steam for 5-10 minutes in microwave
3.  Cut up hot dogs and cook with potatoes in some oil or butter.
4.  When crispy add salt and pepper or any seasonings, really.
5.  When cooked, turn off heat to pan and cover with shredded melted cheese.  As soon as the cheese melts on the hot food, feed your family.  Kids like this with ketchup.
6.  If you are a good mom you'll add salad or a vegetable or fruit to the table too.
7.  But you should know that the fact you fed your family from the work of your own hands deserves a reward in heaven no matter what :).

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