Friday, June 22, 2012

Garage Overhead Storage

Do you see the board "shelf" there in the air above that garage door?

Mr. Warmth is utilizing the great amount of space in our garage in a number of ways.  He made these storage shelves to make the most of the space above the garage door that is otherwise wasted.  No one likes wasted air, right?  ;)

After he made one shelf, he decided to get all fancy with some leftover stain on the next shelf:

If we are going to have a shelf it might as well be pretty :).  It is now storing three big bins of camping and other garage type stuff.


  1. Wow, you kids are amazing. Anyone sleeping at your home. So many projects. Love your home. BJ

  2. Hey, nice storage solution. I have heard about ceiling storage in garage. I think, that is also a good overhead storage solution.

  3. Hello.
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  4. Wow, such an amazing project I must say. I am also continuously finding ways to maximize storage space not only in the garage, but anywhere else around the house. So far, we have utilized almost every inch of our wall space and I think it is indeed about time to start using up the untouched "air" all over the house. Shelves are great but they have to be really sturdy enough to be able to store heavy objects.


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