Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Keepin' it Going

In my opinion one of the toughest parts of remodeling houses as a family is the every day life.  Even if walls are taped in preparation of painting, even if floors are bare or furniture is moved into abnormal spots, even if there is nowhere to sit, the family in the home still needs to eat.

Clothes still get dirty, kids get especially dirty with construction going on...so laundry and baths can't be missed.

And did I mention that despite whatever project you are doing, every few hours everyone asks, cries, and demands that they need to eat!

So, as the mom in this remodeling family the biggest or hardest chore isn't always the taping, the painting, or even the removal of old urine smells (ew!).  It is just to keep normal life going.  Writing it out seems so simple, but the living of it with 6 family members...not so much.

For me, its mental reminders that I give myself to keep us afloat.  Often, I'll look around and notice wallpaper removal still not finished, see dishes around the kitchen, see paper piled up, and realize dinner will be in a few hours.  If I am in the middle of a remodeling project this just seems daunting.  So it helps for me to pick a few priorities and start from there.

Dishes and Laundry are those for me.  If I'm not sure where to start, I start there.  No matter what needs done it is usually a good idea if I unload and then load the dishwasher, get it running, and then gather up the laundry to start a few loads - or take a clean load upstairs to put away.  Usually the momentum gives me the mental energy to do more things that need done, and if I simply can do nothing else I'll know we have clothes to wear and dishes to eat off of.

Have you ever been in this situation?  What helped you?

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  1. I've never been in the midst of a remodel, but I've moved quite a bit. For me, the most critical thing is food. I fall apart without eating small meals regularly. And if I keep my family fed and well-rested, I feel like I'm doing okay.


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