Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome to our "fun house!"

When we removed the carpet, pulled out the staples, and then treated the floor stains....what was the next step?  To seal those floors with primer so that the smells could NEVER ooze through our lovely, luscious, brand-new carpet that we hope to have someday.

While we were planning to spend over $100-200 on primer to do this task, one day I had an idea...the previous owners left TONS of paint gallons they had never used and some were mixed with primers or tinted primers themselves.

While I'd always pictured this whole process resulting with white sub-floors I realized that underneath a pad and carpet the color really didn't matter.  And I am cheap love to recycle!  We used up about 8 gallons of this leftover stuff so far and it's worked great.

It was only a little awkward when we had television crews in our house last week and our floors were multi-colored.  Whatever.  This is my life!

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