Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Peanut Butter Cup *copycat* recipe

Overall, I'm grateful for many of the things I learned from the 10 different roommates I had in my college experience.  But this tip (how to make your own PB cups) I'm still torn on.  Is it good to know how to make candy this good? 

I'll let you decide.

1 1/2 C chocolate chips (milk for regular, semi-sweet for dark)
1 C peanut butter
3 T softened butter
1 C powdered sugar

First of all I'll explain that you can buy the little paper cups that look like the store-bought ones and line muffin tins with them, to make these appear like the ones you can purchase.

However, if you are inpatient like me, you can just make a great big one in a round glass pan and dig in with a fork!  

Melt half the chocolate chips in the microwave.  Spread on the bottom of the pan.  Put this pan in the freezer while you mix the peanut butter, butter, and sugar.  Then spread the peanut butter layer over the hardened chocolate.  Next, melt the rest of the chocolate chips and spread over the peanut butter.  Cool to harden and enjoy!


  1. OK. A giant PB cup in a glass pan? You are a genius! And totally responsible for all weight gain from here on out.

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