Thursday, December 5, 2013

More About Gus

Chapter 6

As I've mentioned, Gus, under normal circumstances, was quite docile. This came in very handy when you were riding and working yourself through the trees, or through some other kind of hazards. Apparently, Gus's motto was, "When in doubt, take it very easy." Or, "Let's take it easy, here. No use in getting anybody hurt." He would cross creeks, cross ravines, go over logs, bang around in the rocks.. really about anything you asked him to do.. BUT, he insisted on doing scary stuff at HIS OWN pace. He could cause you to get a bit impatient, but he would always carry you through the difficulties of a trail with ZERO mishaps.. You could manipulate branches while you were on his back, you could get him stuck between two trees and he'd slowly back out of the predicament. He would get high-centered going over a big log... and he would calmly wait while you figured out a way to deal with the situation. For those who don't know, an overly spirited horse can severely hurt himself, the rider, or both.. Some horses, in a bind, will tear themselves apart. 
On a horseback trail, one often has to use a chain saw to clear away fallen timber.... and we all know how obnoxiously loud chain saws are. I would drop the reins and leave Gus right in the trail behind me while I would take a chain saw, walk ahead, and start cutting.. While all this noise and racket was happening and the sawdust was flying everywhere, Gus would walk up behind me, put his nose and face over my shoulder, and watch closely as I was cutting logs out of the way. He'd close his eyes if there was too much sawdust flying. 
I have more stories I suppose I could tell about Gus, but I'm thinking that this would be the time to finish up. I feel like I've left a proper tribute to him by writing this stuff down. I'm going to miss him. He absolutely adored my grand kids.... especially the little girls... and, of course, little girls, being what they are, absolutely adored him.

Bye, Gus.....

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