Monday, March 10, 2014

lesson on Faith

This was my Sunday to teach at church again.  The lesson was titled Faith and Repentance and I knew early on, before even reading it, that this was the week to keep my thoughts few and my questions big so that I could learn from the class.

I took a few notes on what they taught me that I'd like to save here:

  • If God is your co-pilot, trade places
  • If you err in judgement, be sure you err on the side of love and mercy.
  • By faith we come to God
  • Our faith is built on truth
  • We need to get to know Jesus as our best friend and align our personalities with him
  • We should be not hearers of the word only, but also doers
  • It is easier to go somewhere when you are already moving.
  • Sometimes your prayer will be answered when you commit to follow whatever that answer is when it is given.
  • Faith means action...Faith, therefore, is stronger than belief
Something that I remembered during the lesson and I found helpful with the subject of repentance/change is that we can progress in healthy ways.  Guilt can help, shame can hurt that process.  Guilt is: I did something bad (therefore will apologize and make it right).  Shame says: I am bad, therefore unable to change and hopeless to try.  Responding to our missteps with guilt and therefore change will help us grow, progress and become the selves we want to be.  Shame or believing we are not worthy will stunt that growth.

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