Friday, September 28, 2012

What Went Right, #4

Okay here are today's 3 things:

  1. My kids played out in the backyard.  The just love the swings and fort with the slide.  I love that fall weather is here.  I'll admit as much as I love Omaha, it's tough having two long seasons of harsh weather.  With the bitter cold and gray of winter and the heat with super high humidity in the summer, we spend entirely too much time inside, or OUT of nature...which is tough on the spirit.  I love when fall hits and we can really enjoy this lovely piece of the world that is our yard now.
  2. I didn't go out and spend any money yesterday.  And I loved that.  It's been funny how having a home I love and am completely comfortable in has really lowered my need to spend time elsewhere.  Elsewhere usually was a restaurant or shop...which then involved spending $$$.  I've been pleased as punch with the money savings we've had since I've started implementing Blissful and Domestic's monthly shopping plan.  Also, we've completely given up eating out.  At all.  Not even a weekend run to Taco Bell.  It's been a few months now.  Two reasons: our money and our health.  Both good ones.  Oh, the other reason is a little OCD thing I'm getting about thinking about the backs of restaurants and seeing the people out back for their smoke breaks who are the people preparing our food....yeesh.  I think restaurant food is so popular in our culture partly because we can't see the back kitchens and the chefs after their hot sweaty shift, or in the midst of their smoke break.  Okay, I'm digressing.
  3. I found my DUCT TAPE!  Several months ago the girls and I bought four rolls of beautiful colors of duct tape to make more crafts with.  Then, they promptly disappeared.  Frowny face!  I've been so frustrated, wanting to find them.  It was a delight, pure delight, to see that bag yesterday. I've already started wrapping some shiny platinum tape around a big apple box. I can't help myself :).


  1. Hi Bobi,

    I really like your "What went right" series. I need to do the same thing.

    Thanks also for sharing your learning tips. I'm learning more about blogging and running a craft business. Last night I read this article written by someone I know and it had some helpful hints too. I especially liked the link within tip.

    (I hope you weren't really up at 4:19 am!)

    1. Thank you Margaret! I just added the link within widget. Cool! Appreciate the tip :)


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