Friday, September 7, 2012

White Cabinet Kitchens

I LOVE white cabinets in the kitchen.  They are bright and timeless.  You can often tell the "year" of a house by the color of stain used on the cabinets (or the stain color the laminate is trying to imitate :) but white looks beautiful with anything, in my opinion.

When we were building a house I had designed my entire kitchen with a kitchen designer and white cabinets were in the works.  When that fell through and only something very underpriced was an option (since we wanted to be in an entirely different area of town) I was pleased to no end that this "rough" house already had tall white cabinets.  It's required blood, sweat, and tears in a lot of other ways, but my heart is happy whenever I walk into our kitchen.

Just in case some of you also adore white cabinet kitchens, I thought I'd share a collection of some of my favorites for your "idea books."


  1. Can i suggest that you put your Pin it button under the first photo. At the moment all that comes up on the Blogger Blog list is the Pin it button rather than a thumbnail of your nice photo. There- the first good deed of the day done.

    Have a great week!

    1. Awesome! I so appreciate the feedback, I had no idea it looked that way in the feed. Thanks!


  2. Hi Bobi! I love white kitchen cabinets, too! We recently moved into a new house and when I was choosing my cabinets, the builder offered white cabinets as an "upgrade." I did the upgrade and then decided to do research on what I picked out. Now mine you, standard was dark real wood cabinets. The white upgrade turned out to be something call Thermo foil which is some type of a white laminate over wood,I think. Disappointed in that I had to upgrade my upgrade to get the white cabinets I really wanted. I rattling on and on . . anyway, thanks for visiting, I am your newest follower. See ya soon!

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