Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer 2015 Scrapbook Post

I had a gel manicure two days ago in the middle of my husband's gallbladder removal surgery.  Sorry, it seems that's how I handle stress.  I got this great cotton candy pink type shade.  It was a little light going on so the lady ended up doing 3 coats and I looove it.  Really, I'm in a pink groove.  And my hair isn't even pink any longer (it's blonde).  But I'm okay with that because it opens up lip and nail and clothes possibilities.  And for those that are wondering I got right back to him when he woke up from surgery.

But staring at my nails as I type and edit photos here on my computer this morning reminded me of all of that.  My husband is home recovering and the kids are running back and forth from the house to the camper.  Since Casey has lifting restrictions it might be awhile before we *go anywhere* to camp but that hasn't stopped he or the kids!  He joined them out there yesterday for some Yahtzee around the table and together they watched the city workers bulldozing our street.  I guess the potholes were beyond repair or something.  Anyhow, the kids are back out in the camper today.  It makes for excellent pretend play even when it stays in one spot :).

May has already felt like a full summer (the kids are ready to go back to school - yikes).  We've enjoyed the outdoors, the backyard and the mud.  Casey ran a 5K with the girls (pre-surgery of course!) to earn money for the middle school they'll both attend.  My oldest had her play and the second had a band and chorus concert right before school ended.

The bright pink shirts they got for their run have been a staple for lounging around the house or as a post-bath cool nightshirt.  Pink just seems to be coming in from lots of places and for some reason it is the color that makes me happiest right now.  Having a backyard full of pink peonies or dahlias or roses would make it even better, but for now we'll hope for veggies.

If you want to dye your hair pink, or close to pink, here are some ideas.  I know that seemed like a random suggestion, but not for me.  If I'm obsessed with a color it seems to make its way to my hair...

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