Monday, January 23, 2012

Finding the House (post 1)

It all started off with an email.  Somehow I found a real estate website that let me narrow down a search to a specific subdivision and price range and get an email each time one came on the market.  Interestingly, I set up this search, thinking I was looking for the impossible.  No house in the neighborhood I had decided was the perfect one for us, was priced below what we needed it to be.  But, I thought, Hey, why not set up the search?  Just in case.

So...weeks after setting up that search I get the email.  This house.  One of the largest in the neighborhood.  Priced well below anything else.  That doesn't sound good.  There was only a picture of the outside.  I knew it had to be in bad condition.  But still.

I had to know.

We emailed and called the listing agent within an hour of it coming on the market.  But we didn't hear back that night.

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  1. Oh Bobi! I am so excited for you, I cannot wait to hear all the great details of your adventure. Have fun getting acquainted with that amazing house!!!


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